Motorcycle Goggles

motorcycle goggles

Motorcycle Goggles are a favorite eyewear for those who ride motorcycles. Many consider it the ultimate eye protection to the motorcycle rally or ride to the grocery store. Of course, no matter what type of eye protection you choose for motorcycle riding, there are trade-offs. For example, if you are riding to the local Harley-Davidson dealer for a Thursday evening bike night, a goggle may not be practical. Why not? Many bikers like the convenience of socializing outside in the parking lot upon arrival. It may not be quite as comfortable, or let’s say it, quite as cool to walk around visiting in a motorcycle goggle. Others bikers insist on wearing a goggle every time on the bike. They want that full protection from bugs, wind, sun and debris. There is no crime in having it both ways, too. Many motorcyclists will wear their favorite goggle and then simply take it off (or fold it into a pocket if it is a Nomad 4520 folding goggle Then they have their favorite pair of Original KD’s waiting for them in the saddle bag.

Clearly, a full coverage motorcycle goggle is the choice of many riders. The good news is, it is still a free country and you have choices. Just find the features that work best for you. In our inventory at Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc. You will find goggles with many lens options. We offer smoke, clear, dark gray, yellow, photochromic and more. Frame choices are also available which you will see in our selection