Chix Motorcycle Sunglasses and Goggles

Chix women’s motorcycle sunglasses and goggles for women are protective, pretty and very popular. Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc. is home to Chix Riding Eyewear for Women for decades. We have learned from women riders over the years that women who ride motorcycles are a diverse bunch. Therefore, their eyewear needs are very different. That is why our Chix Eyewear line of sunglasses and goggles offer so many options. Practical and affordable, our Chix sunglasses are available with smoke lenses, clear lenses for night riding, fade lenses and more. To see our complete line of Chix eyewear, click here:

Women’s Motorcycle Sunglass Options

Some of the requests that we hear from women tell us that.  For example, some women say, “I cannot ride without a padded sunglass. I need the extra protection.” Other women have said, “I do not want padding because it makes my face sweat and rubs off my make up.” Both are very legitimate points of view. The good news is, we offer both padded sunglasses and regular wrap style women’s motorcycle sunglasses. But the options go way beyond padding or no padding on frames. Some women want traditional black sunglasses; others want a little color.

Speaking of color, women who wear our Chix Sunglasses often are also fans of our Original KD’s.  The lens color options are plentiful in this iconic line of biker sunglasses. Women riders have always been fans of KD’s for many reasons. First, the arms are skinny so they are super comfortable under a helmet. They fit comfortably and the fit is secure. Also, KD’s are available with polarized lenses, photochromic lenses, purple pearl frames and more. That is why so many women who love Chix also love KD’s. See for yourself!

Women’s Motorcycle Goggle Options

We also offer women a compact folding motorcycle goggle. This Nomad Goggle is available in a purple pearl  frame with a gray fade lens. Yes, in addition to being very effective in protecting the eyes, it is very pretty and women love it! This goggle is also available in a tortoise frame and a brown fade lens. (actually both men and women really like this goggle so the options are plentiful. Because this goggle is so popular with both men and women, there are many lens and frame options. The lens is made of super strong polycarbonate so you can be confident that your eyes will be protected from road debris. Women’s motorcycle sunglasses and goggles can have outstanding protection without being bulky. Check out our Chix Folding Nomad Goggle!