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Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc. brings you motorcycle sunglasses and motorcycle goggles that are super comfortable, durable and affordably priced. Sunglasses may look cool, but anyone who rides will tell you that biker eyewear is critical to the safety and enjoyment of the ride. So, each motorcycle rider’s eyewear needs is different. Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc. brings you a wide variety of motorcycle sunglasses and motorcycle goggles that are super comfortable, durable and affordably priced.  Here you will find the Original KD sunglasses, Biker Chix Riding Glasses for women, Airfoil goggles and sunglasses, Kickstart motorcycle goggles, and a huge selection of wrap style biker sunglasses.  Our secure online store makes finding your favorite motorcycle eyewear worry free.  Take a look and see for yourself.

Motorcycle Eye Protection to Suit Your Needs

Motorcycle sunglasses and goggles provide the rider with important safety gear. In fact, most riders say that they are a mandatory piece of motorcycle gear. They keep the sun, wind and debris out of the eyes, which is imperative when riding a motorcycle. Our customers have told us stories about being hit by a bee in the face (or even a bat!) and their sunglasses protected them from catastrophe. In addition to offering serious eye protection, the motorcycle eyewear we choose says something about the wearer. A motorcycle sunglass or goggle can say something about the rider, like any other accessory does. Do you want to look wicked cool? Just need a sensible polycarbonate wrap? Would you like to have the lens or frame match your bike? The options are endless.

Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc. is the home of the Original KD’s. In addition to KD’s the #1 Selling Biker Sunglass in the World, we offer a full range of wrap style motorcycle sunglasses, padded frames, motorcycle goggles and more. So, when you are looking for new motorcycle eyewear, come find your favorite and the one that meets your riding needs. Enjoy the Ride!

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