Airfoil Fit Over Goggles, Motorcycle Goggles and Sunglasses

Airfoil Fit Over Goggles, Airfoil sunglasses and multiple lens goggles are well known in the motorcycle world. They have the added features that many riders are looking for in motorcycle sunglasses and goggles. For example, our Airfoil 9300 Fit Over Goggle is the fit over goggle the most popular fit over on the market. It comes in a variety of lens options.

Airfoil Fit Over Goggle Features

Many of us need to wear our prescription glasses when riding. The Airfoil fit over goggle offers full protection from the wind, bugs, sun and debris. Equally as important, it provides you with the comfort and fit that people who wear glasses need when riding. It is big enough to fit over most prescription glasses without looking bug-eyed. The Airfoil fit over goggle is available with either a smoke lens, a clear lens, a yellow lens or a photochromic lens! In fact, we are one of the few companies that offer a fit over that changes with the available sunlight. This way, even people who wear prescription glasses can benefit from this versatile feature. In addition, we offer a polarized version of this goggle. This is an excellent choice for riding next to water.

Airfoils with Multiple Lens

Also, Airfoil sunglasses have enhanced features, too. For example, the Airfoil 9100 padded sunglass comes with extra lenses in different colors and an interchangeable strap to convert it to a goggle. Everything in one product! The riders who wear this sunglass are very happy to have the convenience of switching out the lenses for various riding conditions. They also appreciate the fact that they can convert it to a goggle when they when that extra security for longer rides. If you don’t want the convertible sunglass, feature, we also have a regular goggle with extra lenses.

If you find that you don’t need the extra features of an Airfoil goggle or sunglasses, you can check out our other options on the homepage here: We appreciate your interest in our products!