Classic Motorcycle Sunglass Styles

Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc.Classic SunglassesClassic Motorcycle Sunglasses help you make the connection to the good old days. Perhaps you simply identify better with old school things, in general. For example, you might have a motorcycle from decades ago that you baby. Or maybe you have that wild beard that many associate with a classic v-twin motorcycle. There are a variety of biker shades that reflect the past that you can find here:  These sunglasses  and goggles are just one more example of this fondness for the days gone by.  But these motorcycle sunglasses are not just for looks. They provide excellent eye protection from the wind, bugs, sun and debris.

Classic motorcycle eyewear styles are not limited to motorcycle sunglasses. Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc. offers motorcycle goggles that have that old biker feel to them. Dense foam and soft foam goggle options are available.  All of our classic motorcycle sunglasses and goggles have excellent quality and low prices.  Of course, the ultimate retro style sunglass is our Original KD’s and XKD’s. Many bikers say that KD’s truly are the #1 Selling Biker Sunglass in the World. Affordable, very cool, durable and a tough little biker sunglass. So, if you already know that KD’s are the classic style you want, check them out here:

Flame KD Sunglasses motorcycle sunglasses Classic Motorcycle Sunglasses, Blues Brothers Big Motorcycle Goggle Classic